Responding to Criminal Bar Association (CBA) survey results out today showing discontent amongst criminal barristers over fees paid by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), Richard Atkins QC, Chair of the Bar, said:

"As Chair of the Bar, one of my priorities for 2019 is to ensure that those members of the Bar who do publicly funded work, are fairly and properly remunerated. The many barristers who are instructed by the CPS perform a vital public function, without whom the system of justice in this country would not operate. I hope that the current review of Prosecution fees will lead to a substantial increase in the fee levels which were originally set in 2001 and have not seen an increase since then. The CBA survey which has been responded to by a large number of those who prosecute demonstrates why change is necessary. I look forward to working with the CPS to produce a new and fair remuneration scheme."