On Sunday 28 April 2019 James Keeley along with four other runners from Middle Temple, Michael Lemmy, Abigail Bright, Merlene George and Nargees Choudhury,  will be running the London Marathon. The quintet are raising money for Middle Temple's Scholarship Fund and for the Sir Paul Jenkins Memorial Fund. "Paul was always a trailblazer as it was rare for state school pupils to be Called to the Bar in 1977. Forty years on and sadly it is still rare - only 6% of the Bar are from working-class backgrounds. Paul's Fund will encourage and support those who have the talent but not the means to come to, and remain at the Bar."

Running for James Keeley has been a life saver. Just over four years ago he was approaching twenty stones. He was presented with a choice either he lost weight or face a certain heart attack, stroke or diabetes. He started exercising by first of all attending a local park run. From there he went on to run 10km, half marathons and full marathons. London 2019 will be his eighth marathon. As a result James has lost a lot of weight and has found running an essential part of his well being to cope with the daily challenges of a busy criminal practice. James, a tenant at 36, Bedford Row, was brought up on benefits and is a social mobility advocate for the Bar. Therefore, combing the London Marathon with the causes that he is running for is a perfect match.

James's message is clear "If I can do it so can you." If you feel inspired please consider sponsoring him here.