About the survey

The 2013 survey of the Bar is the second in a biennial series.

It asks barristers about their working lives:

  • employment status
  • practice area
  • working hours and workload
  • earnings
  • professional development
  • satisfaction with their current position
  • experiences at work
  • plans for the future
  • views about the profession
The response rate

Around half of practising barristers were asked to participate. Almost 3,300 did so, representing a response rate of 44 per cent.

One profession, but a wide range of people, roles and experiences

A key aspect for the 2013 survey has been on publicly funded work undertaken by barristers. This issue impacts significantly on workload, earnings, satisfaction with current position, intention to stay (both in current position and in the profession) and willingness to recommend the Bar as a career. 

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