* Acquire new skillsets * Develop a new income stream * Enjoy wider networking * Complete 40 hours CPD * Work with an outstanding Faculty * CMC, SOM and CIArb Recognition * First observation, mentoring and support included

In response to demand, the Bar Council is delighted to open its exceptional accredited mediator training course to the sister professions.  Against a background of more than 15,000 civil and commercial mediations in the last year, and clinical negligence mediation being at record levels, now is the time to train - whether to be a mediator or to become a skilled mediation advocate. 

The Bar Council courses, which are held monthly in London over five days, are delivered by the Society of Mediators whose leading Faculty has more than 20 years’ experience worldwide.  It is offered on a not-for-profit basis but should not be confused with the questionable imitations that populate the internet.  This course is the real deal: 40 hours of COVID-secure in person training delivered by the leading trainers who have thousands of mediations, and hundreds of courses, of experience to draw upon. As recent attendees have universally said:

"The training thus far is excellent. I cannot recall ever attending a training course, particularly one that lasts from 10am to gone 6pm for 5 consecutive days, where I have felt constantly engaged and enthused. All of the tutors have been superb and their passion and commitment to mediation is clear." Jude Shepherd, 42 Bedford Row

This five-day course has been completely re-written to reflect professional life with and after-COVID: there are special sections on remote mediations and technology options, on setting up and marketing, and ensuring engagement.  Emphasis too is placed on diversity, vulnerable participants and unrepresented people ensuring that mediators qualifying on our programme are able to engage as readily with Magic Circle referrals as they are with the most challenged in society.  The course embodies and reflects the Bar Council’s approach to provide justice for all.  

Being in-person, but COVID-secure, the learning is three dimensional and real. Whilst we recognise that some aspects of training can, to some degree, be delivered remotely, mediation is a people skill.  Experience shows that the qualities needed by a good mediator can only fully be learned initially through face to face practice, before applying or building on those skills in the Zoom environment.  By using independent assessors, the course maintains the quality standards to be expected by all clients of the Bar and ensures that all alumni can offer the very best experience as they move forward - both as mediators and mediation advocates.  

Unique features include a free first observation - all mediators wishing to join a CMC/SOM accredited panel have to undertake three observations.  Whilst some training organisations offer no support, and others charge heavily for an observation, the Bar Council’s alumni receive a free first qualifying observation.  This is complemented by free and continuing mentoring from the Society of Mediators as well as access to higher skills and qualifications.  It is a fully integrated programme created with the educational charity to benefit the professions and society.

Famously, our courses are limited in numbers to ensure a one to six tutor to delegate ratio. Postponements for genuine professional or health reasons after booking are also permitted.  We strongly recommend this programme to all practitioners, new and established, whether at the Bar or in the wider legal community. The learning and experience will influence the rest of your career.

Jonathan Dingle and Andrea Barnes are Joint Heads of Chambers at Normanton Chambers and Society of Mediators Course Leaders.