Timed to coincide with Justice Week, MPs considered the future of legal aid in a Westminster Hall debate, led by barrister Andy Slaughter MP on Thursday.

Whilst containing little of new substance, this was a better and more informed examination of legal funding than many previous debates: a welcome move beyond the usual party knockabout.

MPs' relayed their experiences in constituency surgeries where the absence of funding and the problems it creates are becoming increasingly apparent. There was a sense from the Tory benches that under LASPO the pendulum has swung too far against legal aid.

Labour MPs gave indications of what they would do if in government: fund access to early legal advice, provide more access to welfare advice and design simpler criteria for legal aid.

But the debate gave no hint of what the Government's review of LASPO might contain. The Minister, Lucy Frazer QC MP gave nothing away.  

Members referenced the Bar Council's contribution to the LASPO review, the Justice Week survey and the video on justice cuts.