The Pupillage Gateway is a recruitment portal owned by the Bar Council and used by Authorised Education and Training Organisations (AETOs) to advertise vacancies and recruit aspirant barristers for pupillage (paid training opportunities) at the Bar.1 The Pupillage Gateway is currently used to recruit – rather than advertise only – by approximately half of all AETOs at the Bar. Those AETOs who do not use Gateway tend to manage their own recruitment process directly. The Pupillage Gateway is used by aspiring barristers who seek to apply for pupillage vacancies.

As the only central source of information on pupillage recruitment at the Bar, the Pupillage Gateway is a valuable source of data on the profiles of candidates and pupillage vacancies, as well as the progression of candidates in recruitment for those Authorised Education and Training Organisations (AETOs) that recruit using the Gateway platform.

The Bar Council is, in this report, sharing selected data sets to improve the transparency of the information we share about the profession and identify areas where further guidance and support for candidates and AETOs might be needed. This report should be seen as a companion to the Bar Standards Board’s annual BPTC Key Statistics Report.

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