About this report and the survey

The Working Lives Survey in 2017 was part sponsored by the Specialist Bar Associations (SBAs) and the Circuits.

This report follows on from publication of Barristers’ Attitudes to their Working Lives in early June 2018, and focuses specifically on survey findings related to perceptions of harassment or bullying and discrimination.

One of the key objectives of the survey was to gather data and insights into the working lives and working experiences of barristers at both the selfemployed and employed Bars). Similar questions to those in the 2011 and 2013 Working Lives surveys were asked to enable us to identify trends.  

The response rate

The usable response rate was 26.4%, which is 4,092 usable responses from 15,515 valid email addresses.

The profile of respondents broadly reflects that of the Bar when compared to other sources of information about the characteristics of barristers, albeit with a slight (3%) over-representation of women amongst respondents.  

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