For the first time ever, the Bar Council's Young Bar Committee has organised a session at the Four Jurisdictions Conference taking place at Middle Temple this month.

Michael Polak, chair of the young barristers committee said he is delighted that the Young Bar of England and Wales will be participating at the conference this year, adding:

"I would like to encourage barristers both from the Young Bar and across the profession in our jurisdiction to attend this important weekend and to meet those in similar positions across the other jurisdictions. Events like these can become a springboard for work and other opportunities that might not have otherwise arisen. Events like these can also act as a valuable reminder of our unique role within our legal systems and the reasons why we have decided to be a part of the profession, offering the chance to champion the rule of law, access to justice, and the right to fair representation in a changing world.

"After meeting with the Young Bars of Scotland, Ireland, and Northern Ireland earlier this year and discussing projects upon which we could work together, we all agreed to propose a session at the Conference. Thanks to our group advocacy (a skill not only useful in the courtroom!) we were successful.

"I very much hope to see you there."

The Four Jurisdictions Conference has been running since the 1980s and the hosting of this event rotates between Dublin, Belfast, Edinburgh, and London.

The conference involves a series of lectures and discussions on a variety of areas which are attended by members of the Bars of Ireland, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and England and Wales as well as the judiciary of these jurisdictions. The focus is on sharing legal knowledge and skills as well as networking opportunities for attendees.

The Young Bar session is on Saturday 14 May at 13:15 on the topic of ‘Four Young Bars: Successes, Challenges, Goals’. The speaking panel will consist of the heads of the Young Bars of the four jurisdictions and the discussion will focus on how to maintain thriving professions at the junior end and how best to address the common problems faced by young barristers in our jurisdictions.

Large numbers of juniors from across the four jurisdictions will be in attendance for this weekend and this will provide a great opportunity for networking and sharing of best practises.

The dinners, drinks and social events, steeped in tradition, have reinvented themselves over the years as great occasions for barristers to come together and get to know their colleagues on a more personal level, building new relationships and renewing existing ones.

The schedule for the conference is as follows:

Friday 13 May

19:00 - Drinks in Middle Temple Garden (weather permitting)
19:30 - Dinner hosted by Master Treasurer in Middle Temple Hall

Saturday 14 May

09:00 - Arrival - Tea/Coffee and pastries
09:30 - Session I - Independence, the Legal Professions and the Rule of Law
10:45 - Coffee Break
11:15 - Session II - Diversity
12:30 - Lunch
13:15 - Session III - Four Young Bars: Successes, Challenges, Goals
14:00 - Session IV - Duties of Candour
15:15 - Free time
18:45 - Drinks in Middle Temple Garden (weather permitting)
19:35 - Welcome from the Treasurer in Middle Temple Hall
19:40 - Bench Call of The Hon Mr Justice Scoffield QC and The Hon Mrs Justice Mary Rose Gearty
19:45 - Dinner in Middle Temple Hall
21:30 - Speeches from new Benchers
21:45 - Drinks in the Prince's Room

Sunday 15 May

09:00 - Arrival - Tea/Coffee and pastries
09:30 - Session V - Humour and the Law
11:15 - Matins/or Choral Communion at Temple Church OR Tour of The Courtauld Gallery
12:30 - Drinks in the Prince's Room
13:00 - Lunch in Middle Temple Hall

Tickets are available at: