Any barrister may accept a licensed access instruction, provided that the client either holds the appropriate licence as issued by the Bar Standards Board, or is a member of a professional body specified in the schedules to the Licensed Access Recognition Regulations.

Barristers accepting licensed access work must adhere to rules C132 to C141 of the Bar Standards Board Handbook. An amended version of the Bar Council’s Licensed Access Terms of Work will form the basis of the contract through which the relevant barrister agrees to the instructions.

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The Bar Council’s Direct Access Panel has produced Licensed Access Guidance to draw attention to the best practice principals self-employed barristers should abide by when accepting instructions from licensed access clients.

Our Ethical Enquiries Helpline may be able to provide barristers and chambers professionals with advice relating to the potential acceptance of licensed access instructions. Lines are open between 09:15 and 17:15, Monday to Friday, on +44(0)20 7611 1307.