Barristers in schools and colleges

If you would like a barrister to give a talk at your school, college or university, we run a dedicated database of barrister volunteers. Barristers participating in the scheme are happy to provide practical information, advice and guidance to students about what it takes to become a barrister, and to answer questions about the Bar and what working as a barrister involves.

If your school or college would like a barrister to give a talk to your students: please email [email protected]. In doing so, please specify:

  • The location of your school or college
  • Whether you would like a barrister to attend on a particular date
  • Whether you have any specific requirements

Once you have made a request, we will contact barristers in or willing to travel to your area within 4 weeks, and let you know if they are able to attend. 

If you are a barrister who would be interested in volunteering for the scheme, please send an email to [email protected].