Past winners

2021 Law Reform Essay Competition winners


Joseph Lord: 'The War is Lost: A Proposal for Drug Consumption Rooms in the UK'
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Runner up
Armin Amirsolimani: ‘I owe my soul to the graduate recruitment team – Rethinking penalty clauses in employment contracts

Best CPE/GDL entry
Annika Weis: ‘Licence to Sanction – Stopping Environmental Crimes through UK Magnitsky Legislation

Highly commended
Samuel Page: ‘The Corporate Climate Conscience Act (202X) – filling the regulatory lacuna undermining Britain’s path to net zero

2020 Law Reform Essay Competition winners

Winner: Oliver Brewis - "Unravelling the sleeve of care: Fair Remuneration for Employer-contracted Sleep"

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Runner-up: Rossen Roussanov - "Citizens of nowhere: the case for a statutory appeal right as part of the UK Statelessness Determination Procedure"

Best CPE/GDL entry: David Illingworth - Medieval institutions and god-like technology”: rescuing the Carltona doctrine from uncertainty and irrelevance in the digital age

Runner-up CPE/GDL: Miranda Sadler - Neighbours will need a Plan B: introducing third party appeals to planning decisions in a soon-to-be streamlined planning system

Highly commended: Joseph Kelen - End the criminalisation of Homelessness: Why the Vagrancy Act 1824 must be repealed 

Highly commended: Danielle Carrington - Fail to Choose, Choose to Fail: Reform of the Choice of Law Principles to Determine the Law Applicable to the Arbitration Agreement

2019 Law Reform Essay Competition winners

Winner: Penny Tridimas - "The Long and the Short of It: Introducing a Summary Procedure for the Dismissal of Unmeritorious Claims in the Arbitration Act 1996"
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Runner-up: Zohra Nabi - "The SLAPPback starts now: Why legislation must be introduced to prevent the abuse of the law of defamation"
Best CPE/GDL: Benjamin Williams - "With (McKenzie) Friends Like These: Prohibiting Fee Recovery by McKenzie Friends"
Runner-up CPE/GDL: Katherine Boucher - "Redressing the Balance: The Case for the Reform of Trustee Liability in Transactions with Third Parties"
Highly commended: Rich Hodges - "In the best interest of the child? Prosecutions brought against Children under the Sexual Offences Act 2003"