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Issue 166, 7 October 2021
BarTalk | Bullying reports rise, women lose out on income, Treasury told that justice needs extra £2.5b, 11 new social mobility advocates named + more

Issue 165, 23 September 2021
BarTalk | DPP blogs for BarTalk, reaction to new Lord Chancellor, annual report, backlog call for evidence + more

Issue 164, 9 September 2021
BarTalk | BTAS sanctions review latest, warning as prosecutions drop, more to do on diversity, Pupillage Fair update + more

Issue 163, 29 July 2021
BarTalk | Court day extension warning, latest Covid-19 updates for the Bar, “no leaking tap” on judicial review + more

Issue 162, 15 July 2021 
BarTalk | Court restrictions to change, cyber attacks on the Bar, Attorney General’s blog, latest on judicial diversity + much more

Issue 161, 1 July 2021 
BarTalk | Tackling judicial bullying, smaller juries opposed, Solicitor General heads to the Bar Council, chambers and domestic abuse, blogs + much more

Issue 160, 17 June 2021
BarTalk | Hybrid working for the Bar, behind the scenes of the Bar Council, #IAmTheBar returns, family legal aid billing tips + more

Issue 159, 3 June 2021
BarTalk | Chambers return ‘roadmap’ rolled out, top tips on criminal legal aid, campaigning for justice and the Bar + more

Issue 158, 20 May 2021
BarTalk | Chair of the Bar speaks out on justice emergency, insights into future growth practice areas, the Bar on social media + more

Issue 157, 6 May 2021
BarTalk | Bar Council refutes Lord Chancellor on judicial review, warning to LSB over regulation by fiction, The Secret ‘Fasting’ Barrister + more

Issue 156, 22 Apr 2021
BarTalk | Bar-wide census opens, Crown Court sitting days cap lifted, DPP, AG and Hong Kong Bar chief to attend Bar Council + more

Issue 155, 8 Apr 2021
BarTalk | "Neglected and diminished" justice system, new court attire for Muslim women, China's sanctions response + more

Issue 154, 25 Mar 2021
BarTalk | Anti-racism at the Bar, new jobs hub for barristers, court recovery assurances from the Lord Chancellor, judicial review latest + more

Issue 153, 11 March 2021
BarTalk | Bar reacts to Budget and new crime Bill, Covid finance measures updated, barristers choose to challenge, tackling climate emergency + more

Issue 152, 25 Feb 2021
BarTalk | Barristers urged to back the Bar, LSB told to ‘do less and do it better’, help with LAA fees, rapid testing latest + more

Issue 151, 10 February 2021
BarTalk | Pupillage “pandemic gap” warning, urgent action needed on diversity, bullying ‘app’ sees spike, guest blogs + more

Issue 150, 28 January 2021
BarTalk | Bar leaders highlight backlog risk, our survey says profession is at “breaking point”, tampering with juries warning + more

Issue 149, 14 January 2021 
BarTalk | New Chair of the Bar takes the helm, civil legal aid running on empty, opposition to Covid-operating hours + more

Issue 148, 10 December 2020
BarTalk | Guest blog from the Lord Chancellor, the new Inside Guide to Life at the Bar + much more

Issue 147, 26 November 2020
BarTalk | Bar Conference round-up, justice funding boost from Sunak, Chair hits back at Minister’s attack on lawyers + much more

Issue 146, 12 November 2020
BarTalk | The future of virtual justice, "Shocking" gender pay gap at the Bar, HMCTS recovery plan + more

Issue 145, 29 October 2020
BarTalk | Race at the Bar takes centre stage, 77 more courts join digital ID scheme, Bar Council defends lawyers, judicial review + more 

Issue 144, 15 October 2020
BarTalk | Bar Council hits back over PM’s anti-lawyer remarks, new Brexit post-transition FAQs for barristers, guest blogs, vacancies + more

Issue 143, 1 October 2020
BarTalk | Action needed after barrister mistaken for defendant, justice ‘blueprint’ for the Treasury, Buckland & Lammy at the annual conference + more

Issue 142, 17 September 2020 
BarTalk | ‘I am the Bar’ campaign grows, Leadership Programme launched, Attorney General meets Bar Council + much more

Issue 141, 3 September 2020
BarTalk | Bar Council hits back at Home office, making the most of social media, jury trials latest, blogs + more

Issue 140, 6 August 2020
BarTalk | Judicial review is our “prized possession”, Bar Council backs new MPs’ report, justice system hanging by a thread + more

Issue 139, 23 July 2020
BarTalk | Pennies for justice, guide for shielding barristers, Bar Pro Bono Awards + more

Issue 138, 9 July 2020
BarTalk | No to extended hours, gender-bias, reaction to MoJ’s court investment + more

Issue 137, 25 June 2020
BarTalk | Threat to jury trials, AG blogs on disclosure, backing BLM protesters + more

Issue 136, 11 June 2020
BarTalk | Black Lives Matter, Make the Case campaign, Employed Bar Awards winners + more

Issue 135, 28 May 2020
BarTalk | Covid-19 support and updates for the Bar + more

Issue 134, 14 May 2020
BarTalk | Covid-19 support and updates for the Bar + more

Issue 133, 30 April 2020
BarTalk | Covid-19 support and updates for the Bar + more

Issue 132, 16 April 2020
Covid-19 support and updates for the Bar

Issue 131, 2 April 2020
Covid-19 support and updates for the Bar

Issue 130, 19 March 2020
Coronavirus update: support, guidance and uniting the voice of the Bar in a time of crisis

Issue 129, 5 March 2020
Bar Council reacts to Government's criminal legal aid plans, Justice Week highlights, International Women’s Day 2020 and much more

Issue 128, 20 February 2020
Warning over threat to judicial review, Justice Week, reaction to new Attorney-General + more

Issue 127, 6 February 2020
Bar Council campaigning for a better justice system, nominations for the Bar Council’s Employed Bar Awards are now open + much more

Issue 126, 23 January 2020
New courts join ID card scheme, TV cameras in court, join Justice Week + much more

Issue 125, 9 Jan 2020
New year sees new Chair of the Bar Council, new website, new Justice Week + much more

Issue 124, 13 December 2019
Nominations for Women in Law awards are now open, 2019 highlights, Chair speaks up for the rule of law in China + much more

Issue 123, 28 November 2019
30 more courts join ID cards scheme, Bar Council launches justice manifesto, highlights from the 34th Bar Conference

Issue 122, 14 November 2019
Leaked Cabinet Office report warning, Criminal Legal Aid Review update, have your say on VHCC issues

Issue 121, 31 October 2019
Black History Month showcase, election results are in

Issue 120, 17 October 2019
Take care of your mental health, five things the Bar Council did this month

Issue 119, 3 October 2019
10 Social Mobility Advocates join #IAmTheBar, Bar bullying 'app' launched

Issue 118, 19 September 2019
Bar ‘app’ to tackle bullying, ‘no deal’ Brexit help for barristers, #IAmTheBar returns

Issue 117, 5 September 2019
Twenty-five courts now accepting digital ID cards, get ready for no-deal Brexit, the other elections

Issue 116, 22 August 2019
Bar Council dominates headlines on failing justice system and on our empty courts

Issue 115, 8 August 2019
Elections to go digital this year, reaction to the new Lord Chancellor 

Issue 114, 25 July 2019
Women in Law, HMCTS update, who’s who at the annual conference

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