Responding to the Bar Standard's Board's statement on the booking arrangements for the August 2020 centralised BPTC assessments, a Bar Council spokesperson said: 

"We have been growing increasingly concerned over the BSB’s upcoming centralised BPTC assessments, which are being delivered on behalf of the BSB by Pearson VUE. The Bar Council's Education & Training Committee supported by the Bar Council's Disability Panel have  been urging the BSB to find ways to accommodate those who need reasonable adjustments, and we welcome today’s announcement by the BSB.

"Today’s announcement on deferring bookings by students who don’t need reasonable adjustments and expressing a willingness to speak to BPTC providers about exploring alternate arrangements for those for whom reasonable adjustment accommodations have been unsatisfactory is very welcome. The BSB remains obliged to ensure students receive the reasonable adjustments to which they are entitled under the Equality Act 2010 and we will be closely monitoring the situation over the coming days. Students should contact us directly if they are still struggling to secure the adjustments they need."