The Bar Council has launched a new series of online events to support barristers and chambers professionals with effective people management and workplace culture in a chambers setting.

Research by University of Portsmouth on wellbeing at the Bar shows the positive impact of a supportive working environment on barrister wellbeing. The Bar Council’s own research on bullying, harassment and discrimination at the Bar also highlights the need for support and guidance for those tasked with dealing with inappropriate behaviours. 

Recognising this need, the series has been developed by the Bar Council Chambers Management Panel, which was set up to enhance the Bar Council’s support for chambers management teams. The series is aimed at members of chambers management committees, chief executives and directors, senior clerks and practice managers, and pupil supervisors.  

Across the four-part series – running online this autumn – participants will learn about the statutory and regulatory duties of people management and how to investigate and handle grievances. They will also hear examples of good practice in establishing a positive culture in chambers and how to implement performance and development programmes.

Participants can attend all four events or pick and choose the most relevant sessions to suit their role. The four sessions are:

  • Handling challenging behaviour amongst barristers in chambers – 12 September
  • Introduction to employee management in chambers – 9 October
  • Advanced employee (and pupil barrister) management in chambers – 4 November
  • Conducting investigations and managing disciplinary processes in chambers – 2 December

Launching the series, Paul Newhall, Co-Chair of the Chambers Management Panel and Chief Executive at Landmark Chambers, said:

“Through our research with chambers we identified a real need for support and guidance for senior barristers and chambers professionals when it comes to managing people and their behaviours. It’s something that has become particularly important as we all navigate changing workplace cultures post-pandemic.

“We have an excellent line up of expert speakers across the event series providing insights into how to effectively manage challenging behaviours and create a positive culture in chambers. Anyone with a role in managing chambers should find the events interesting, practical and useful.”