About the panel

In early 2023 the Bar Council identified a need to establish what information and resources were available to barristers and chambers professionals to help them effectively manage chambers. The Chambers Management Working Group was established to undertake research and make recommendations.

The group included 12 members of the Bar, the Legal Practice Management Association (LPMA) and the Institute of Barristers' Clerks (IBC), and was led by joint chairs Nicola Rushton KC (Deputy Head of Hailsham Chambers) and Paul Newhall (Chief Executive of Landmark Chambers).

As part of a longer-term programme of work to improve the Bar Council's support for barristers in their capacities as business owners, the Working Group’s research identified three broad themes which informed the group’s recommendations. The themes are:

  • regulation and compliance
  •  recruitment and training
  • governance and financial management

The Working Group completed its work in October 2023, and its recommendations are being taken forward by the Chambers Management Panel.

Recommendations and endorsements

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For a more detailed explanation of this work, read the Bar Council's Director of Services Carolyn Entwistle's article, 'Do chambers need greater regulation, or just better support?'