As part of the Bar Council’s Young Barristers’ Committee’s (YBC) seven years project to examine early career advancement and equitable management of career opportunities, the YBC will produce a welcome pack for new practitioners, providing information on networks, support and mentoring available across the Bar, where to go for advice and help.

There are a large number of resources available to young practitioners to promote early career advancement, but not everyone has access to the same information about what is available. This month I have been meeting with some of the Circuit Leaders and the sub-Treasurers of Gray’s Inn, Lincolns Inn and Inner Temple (and soon Middle Temple) to try and collate all the resources available to the young Bar so they can be publicised in one place and be available to all new practitioners upon competition of pupillage. We also met to discuss the resources that are available to support young barristers with their mental health, and what further mental health training can be provided to young practitioners that is specific to the young Bar.

As a London practitioner, I hope to attend some Bar events on Circuit this year to meet with young barristers. Please do get in touch if your circuit is hosting an event for the young Bar. I would be very keen to come along and meet with you and your colleagues.

The committee is working hard on putting together the programme for the Young Bar Workshop 2020. This year the workshop will focus on specific practice management skills such as finances, time management, and how to draft directory submissions. There will be opportunities to build networks among colleagues for career development and the promotion of wellbeing. More details to follow shortly.

The Vice-Chair of the YBC, Joanne Kane, attended the first dinner of the Law Society's Junior Lawyers' Division committee meeting. The YBC looks forward to working with the JLD during the year.

The YBC has a number of vacancies available on the committee this year. We would particularly encourage applications from those outside London so that the committee has a representative from each Circuit. The committee is a diverse group of young practitioners and we welcome applications from across the Bar. The committee consists of barristers under seven year’s practice. Pupils are also encouraged to apply to join the committee.

Please click here for the link to the vacancy advert.

Katherine Duncan, Chair of the Bar Council's Young Barristers' Committee