Committee vacancies

One vacancy for an in-house barrister on the Legal Services Committee

The Legal Services Committee works tirelessly to represent the interests of barristers on matters concerning the provision of legal services both to their clients and as a wider policy area. Its focus includes: HMCTS’ court reform programme, reducing the court backlog, scheduling & listing, extended operating hours, new Practice Directions and protocols, the move to remote hearings and remote working, and general administration of justice.

The Committee is keen to attract new members who are in-house barristers, whether in government, charity, or commercial entities, to advance the Bar Council’s work on behalf of this area of the Bar.

Its recent activities have included:

• Responding to the challenges presented by Covid-19, such as addressing the rapidly developing situation over the course of three nationwide lockdowns and working to mitigate its impact on barristers and their practices, the move to remote working and remote hearings, and safety and hygiene across the court estate

• Responding to various consultations, including on alignment of the fees for online and paper civil money and possession claims, reforms to arrangements for obtaining permission to appeal from the Upper Tribunal to the Court of Appeal, and devolved tribunals in Wales

• Liaising with HMCTS on its ongoing court reform and digitisation project to ensure they are aware of the impact proposed changes will have to members of the Bar

The Legal Services Committee reports to the Bar Council and its General Management Committee. It has three reporting Panels: the IT Panel, the Direct Access Panel, and the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Panel.

• There are 6 meetings per year
• The Chairs are Caroline Goodwin QC, of both Trinity and Carmelite Chambers; and Jacqueline Reid, of 11 South Square

How to apply

Applicants should send a copy of their CV accompanied by a short, written statement stating their suitability for the role and describing their skills and experience, to: Stuart McMillan, Policy Analyst: Legal Practice & Remuneration,

The closing date for applications is 10:00, Friday 6 August 2021.