Bar Council funding

How much of your practising certificate fee goes to the Bar Council? How else is the Bar Council funded and what is happening in 2021/22? 


What has the Bar Council done for you lately?

In addition to our usual programmes of work, in 2021/22 we have continued to tailor our efforts to ensure we make the most effective impact possible in supporting the Bar through the Covid-19 crisis, the Criminal and Civil Legal Aid Reviews, and other challenges. Here are some examples:


Our thanks to the profession

We recognise that many members are still recovering from the financial hardships that they endured during the pandemic and are suffering because of the continued, chronic, underfunding of the justice system in England and Wales. However, for those who can afford to make a voluntary Bar Representation Fee (BRF) contribution of at least £12.50 a month during the authorisation to practise process, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude.

Back the Bar: subscribe to the BRF

Many of these initiatives would not be possible without funding from the BRF. 

As well as supporting new initiatives and our long-standing work funded by voluntary contributions, subscribing to the BRF also gives you a range of benefits to take advantage of during the year.

Please help us to Back the Bar by paying the BRF when you renew your practising certificate, or log into MyBar to subscribe to the BRF now.