Arbitration and Mediation Service

The Bar Council offers an Arbitration and Mediation Service to resolve disputes arising in chambers for any barrister who pays the Bar Representation Fee. The Arbitration and Mediation Service can resolve disputes arising between barristers or between barristers and clerks.

In order to have a dispute resolved via arbitration or mediation both parties must fill in and sign the relevant form below.  

Parties must come to arbitration or mediation voluntarily and the Bar Council will not oblige any party to take part in any alternative dispute resolution.

For arbitration or expert requests, please complete the relevant form below. Please note there is a fee for this service. All appointments are made on the condition that neither the Bar Council nor the Chair of the Bar nor any of their officers, agents, employees or members shall have any liability in respect of any loss, remedy or damage suffered or otherwise incurred by any other party howsoever arising, or through any indirect or consequential loss, in connection with the appointment.  This includes but is not limited to liability in respect of the validity, appropriateness or effectiveness of the appointment, the discharge by the appointee of his duties and functions, or the payment of any fees or expenses associated with the appointment.

Appointment of a mediator or arbitrator

Appointment of a mediator form  

Appointment of an arbitrator form

Appointment of an arbitrator or expert form

Once the form has been completed and signed by both parties please send it to Member Services by email or post:

Member Services
The Bar Council
289-293 High Holborn

Upon request, the Representation, Policy & Services team will seek a suitable appointee within 21 days.

Should the arbitration or mediation involve a clerk an additional arbitrator or mediator shall be appointed from a list created by the Institute of Barristers' Clerks.

To arrange a mediation or arbitration please contact Member Services at the Bar Council by email or telephone: 020 7611 1329.

Procedure for arranging a mediation or arbitration

The following rules have been agreed for Bar Council arbitrations. Please note, arbitrations are only available to barristers who have paid the Bar Representation Fee.