Ethical Enquiries Service

Disclaimer to the Ethical Enquiries Service and Documents published by the Bar Council on matters of Professional Conduct and Ethics 

Please see the  Important Information and Disclaimer page which sets out that the Ethical Enquiries Service does not provide "guidance" for the purposes of the BSB Handbook I6.4.

The Ethical Enquiries Service

The Bar Council provides an Ethical Enquiries Service for the benefit and assistance of barristers (and, where appropriate, their clerks and other staff connected with barristers' professional practices) to assist them to identify, interpret and comply with their professional obligations under the BSB Handbook.

This service is overseen by the Bar Council's Ethics Committee ("EC") and is not provided by the BSB; neither the BSB, Legal Ombudsman nor a Disciplinary Tribunal will be bound by any views expressed in response to enquiries.

This is a confidential assistance line for practising members of the Bar with pressing queries about the Code of Conduct. 

  • The Bar Council has a team of staff who are trained to handle ethical enquiries

  • Members of the team can be reached through the ethical enquiries helpline: 020 7611 1307

  • Members of the team can also be contacted via email.

Barristers may also wish to refer to the extensive  document section on this website.

Please note that urgent calls are dealt with immediately. All other barristers will receive a call back as quickly as possible.

Solicitors and members of the public should contact the Bar Standards Board on 020 7611 1444.