Personal support for barristers


LawCare is a free and completely confidential advisory service to help lawyers, their immediate families and their staff to deal with the health issues and related emotional difficulties that can result from a stressful career in the law.

LawCare offer the opportunity for you to discuss problems which are interfering with, or have the potential to interfere with, your work performance and/or your family life and to seek help in resolving these problems.

LawCare's staff are best placed to understand pressures that lawyers face as they have all be in practise in the past. Also, its network of volunteers ( who offer on-going support) are themselves lawyers with first-hand understanding of the legal market. LawCare provides a high level of crisis management support and will refer a caller on to a relevant health professional, or to other specialist organisations, when deemed necessary.

The LawCare service:

  • is totally free (although any subsequent professional counselling or treatment will normally have to be paid for)

  • is totally confidential

  • takes the form of an initial telephone discussion

  • includes referral, where necessary, to expert assistance

  • offers support, where appropriate, from a fellow lawyer who has suffered and recovered, from the same problem, and

  • is available to all lawyers, their staff and immediate families.

LawCare operates through five helplines which are open:
9am - 7.30pm, Monday to Friday and 10am - 4pm, Saturday and Sunday.

Contact LawCare on 0800 279 6888

LawCare is a registered charity. Click here to find out more.