Services value statement

The Bar Council's strategy (2018-2023) states that Strengthening the Bar Council is a key strategic goal. In order to achieve our strategic objectives as the lead representative body for the profession we need to be influential, capable, organisationally sustainable and held in high regard by the profession, government and partners.

The Bar Council's Services department aims to generate income through the promotion of the Bar Representation Fee (BRF). The BRF is a voluntary contribution that supplements the income received from the Practicing Certificate Fees, two-thirds of which are allocated to the Bar Standards Board (the Bar's regulator). To generate further income the Services department also manage business partners and produce training courses, the Annual Bar & Young Bar Conference and various other events, as well as other services provided to the Bar from the sponsored migrant scheme to certificates of good standing.

The income taken from all of these (the BRF in particular) funds a great proportion of our policy work, which is essential in supporting, representing and promoting the Bar. This includes the highly-valued Ethical Enquiries Service, our work on education and training for the Bar, much of our equality and diversity, social mobility and retention work, wellbeing at the Bar initiatives, many areas of remuneration (including AGFS, LASPO, taxation and other activities and research). It also funds our international work including championing the rule of law and human rights in the UK and beyond. All of our political lobbying is funded by the BRF.

To continue funding our work, the portfolio of services provided by the Services department will:

  • Promote the interests of the Bar community and work in the interests of the Bar
  • Offer value for money and be competitive within the market
  • Remain inclusive to all members of the Bar
  • Provide proactive and responsive customer care, and
  • Be delivered to the highest standards of quality.

The work of this department is overseen by the Bar Representation Committee.