2015 Events

  • 21 November 2015
    For the first time, the Bar Council will be hosting a Pupillage Fair, providing a key opportunity for all students looking to further their career at the Bar to meet chambers and other organisations offering information and opportunities. As a pupillage provider, use this opportunity to advertise to the largest audience of potential pupils and promote your chambers in anticipation of the opening of the Pupillage Gateway. This is the only pupillage fair that is run by the Bar to ensure it is fully representative of the Bar.

  • 23 November 2015
    A seminar for Dispute Resolution Week

  • 2 December 2015
    15th annual Law Reform Committee lecture. In a devolved climate.

  • EBC Seminar: The Coroner's Inquest - some current dilemmas

    This is a Bar Council run or accredited event

    2 December 2015
    Employed Barristers' Seminar titled 'The Coroner's Inquest - some current dilemmas