This one-day course will prepare you to take on litigation in public access cases, and provide you with the required training to extend your practising certificate and take on the new work.

27 June, 9:00 - 17:40
In-person, London

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27 June 2024, 9:00 - 17:40
Event Type
Training course
In-person, London
Public access, Litigation

About the course

Since 2014, self-employed barristers have been permitted to apply for a practising certificate extension in order to be able to conduct litigation. As long as the correct authorisation is in place, clients no longer have to act as a self-representing litigant or instruct a solicitor should the case go to court. 
The Bar Council Litigation training course will give you the experience you need to successfully apply for the required practising certificate extension and the knowledge you need to take on the new work.

What areas does the course cover?

To ensure the course covers BSB requirements, the focus is not on areas of black letter law relating to elements of legal services not hitherto delivered by barristers, but on areas of potential risk surrounding the delivery of the consumer services. During the course you will consider the risk profile of:
  • The client
  • The subject matter
  • Other involved/related parties (including LiPs)
  • The procedural aspects and steps required at particular stages of  litigation
  • Their own methods and patterns of working

Working through the anatomy of a case, the day will include opportunities for discussion, debate and suggestions for further learning.


6 hours



This course is now fully booked.

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The Annual Chambers Management package

This training session is available as part of the Bar Council's Annual Chambers Membership package. Chambers membership gives you access to a range of training and support throughout the year, chosen to suit your needs. Find out more about the package.

In-chambers training

We can offer this training in-chambers, including at chambers on the circuits. Please contact our Training and Events team for information on dates and pricing.  

Paperless training packs

To minimise environmental impact and the amount of paper you have to carry with you, Bar Council training packs are paperless. As a delegate you will receive the materials you need for the training by email in advance, which you can access on your laptop or tablet or print in advace if required. 
Throughout the training, there will be references to various Bar Council guidance or external documents which are included as a hyperlink within the attendee workbook.