About the course

This invaluable advanced trainnig course is built around the required Civil Mediation Council (CMC) two day/16-hour mix of practical workshops, interactive teaching, and practical case studies in which you will take mediation roles in the special context of workplace and employment mediation. 

What the session covers

Day One:

AM: (09:15 to 13:15): Practical lectures, interactive teaching and workplace ethics

PM: (14:00 to 18:15): Demonstration, pre-meeting practical skills, and case studies

Homework: Two hours reading, preparation, and reflective analysis

Day Two:

AM:  Practical lectures, Settlement Agreements, challenges and worked case studies

PM:  Practical skills, full case studies, consolidation, awards, personal debriefs

What you will gain from the training

  • The ability safely to conduct a workplace or employment mediation
  • A full understanding of the role, duties, and ethics of a workplace mediator
  • A full toolkit of mediation skills recognised nationally in the workplace context
  • Workplace-based negotiation skills, knowledge, and insights
  • The opportunity to practice these skills under close coaching
  • Full specialisation training, knowledge and practical abilities
  • Access to long-term mentoring and ethical guidance/support
  • Certification as a Society of Mediators recognised workplace mediator
  • Accreditation as a Civil Mediation Council workplace mediator
  • Recognition by the Bar Council as having passed its approved course
  • Personal feedback and development advice from skilled course tutors
  • 16 hours of relevant CPD

There are no current dates confirmed for this course, but new dates will be announced soon.