Apply for coronavirus testing

If you are a barrister who considers your current work to be essential to the running of the justice system or you cannot work from home, and you or someone living with you has the symptoms of coronavirus, you can apply through the form below for the Bar Council to refer you and/or your household members for a coronavirus test at one of the regional drive-through test centres.

Home testing

If you wish to receive home-testing kits instead, please apply directly through the government webpage.

Application criteria

You may apply through the Bar Council if:

  • You are a self-isolating self-employed* barrister with coronavirus symptoms**, and/or;
  • You have household members (i.e. those living with you) who have coronavirus symptoms** (whether or not you have symptoms).

* The Bar Council can only take applications from self-employed barristers - employed barristers must apply through their employer.

** Testing is not considered effective after five days of having symptoms. Therefore, do not apply for a test for someone who has already had symptoms for three days or more.

Please read the FAQs regarding the testing of children and for other information.

Apply for a drive-in test through the Bar Council

Drive-in test centres have a limit of four people per car. The maximum is therefore either the symptomatic barrister plus three symptomatic household members or, if the barrister is not symptomatic, four symptomatic household members. Please submit the barrister's details below.

Please ensure that:

  • The details above are those of the barrister requesting the test;
  • The contact number is for a mobile phone (you will be contacted by text message) and the number contains no spaces and is in the format 07xxxxxxxxx; and
  • The email address is your chambers email address (personal addresses cannot be accepted).

At this point, you do not need to provide information about symptomatic household members who require testing. You will be asked to provide this later by the Department for Health & Social Care (DHSC).

How your data will be used

The details you submit will be shared with the DHSC to enable your testing, and retained by the Bar Council for the duration of the testing scheme. When the scheme is completed, the data held by the Bar Council will be deleted. For more information on how we handle personal data, please see our privacy statement.

What happens next?

Applications will be collated by the Bar Council daily (Monday to Sunday) at 14:00, in order to make the consolidated submission to the Department of Health & Social Care (DHSC) by 15:00. This application site will remain open, but applications received after 14:00 will be included in the following day’s submission.

Once the Bar Council has submitted names to the DHSC, all communication will be between the DHSC and the individual applicant through the mobile phone number provided. Please do not contact the Bar Council about your application or testing.

If your application is accepted by the DHSC, you will be contacted by text, directing you to their testing website and giving you a verification code to use to book an appointment at a regional test centre. You should book your appointment as soon as possible after receiving this message.  At this point, you will be able to include household members who require testing. The Bar Council will be informed that you have been invited to book an appointment.

It is possible that your application may not be accepted by the DHSC, for example because of the volume of applications they have received in the period. The Bar Council will be informed that you have not been invited to book an appointment, and your application will again be included automatically in the following day’s submission. You do not need to compete a further application. Please do not contact the Bar Council if you have not received a text from the DHSC.

The test process is then described further in the FAQ document and in other information you will receive having made your appointment.

The Bar Council will not be informed of the results of any tests.

If you have any questions about this scheme which are not covered in the FAQ, please email