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Advanced Laser Imaging is a specialist company in developing unique applications and techniques that provide an unparalleledd experience for the Criminal Justice system.

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3D Scene Capture, Reconstruction and Analysis

Immersive, highly accurate and faithfully detailed 3D recordings of crime or incident scenes give you a complete and unambiguous picture of a location that can be viewed, measured and analyzed at any time, on any device.

Full reconstruction of past events can be done using the current 3D scene recording, together with past photography, witness statements and measurements. Including people or vehicle movements, building collapse, bullet trajectories, fields of view, CCTV coverage analysis.

Witness statements can be accurately tested for veracity, or the system used to confirm and record witness statements more effectively and intuitively

Proven in UK Criminal Courts, Industrial Accident cases, Inquests and Commissions

With over 8 years past experience as a team in the Met Police, we have had unprecedented experience in contributing to hundreds of cases, from homicides, arson and industrial accidents, to reconstructions for Commissions and Inquests, we have provided expert witness and 3D materials to help identify and communicate the truth.

Now available to the UK Criminal and Civil Justice systems at highly effective rates

With basic scenes captured rapidly and accurately and delivered to you in navigational viewing and measuring software from 3k to 5k including core presentational video materials, this powerful tool is more accessible than you may imagine.

Larger and more complex scenes and specialist analysis will of course add to the cost, but for unarguable evidence, compellingly presented the price might well be worth paying.

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