List of Defaulting Solicitors and Other Authorised Persons

On the 31 January 2013, the List of Defaulting Solicitors and other Authorised Person's was introduced as a replacement scheme instead of the 'Withdrawel of Credit Scheme'.

The list is regularly updated. Information on the process which may result in a solicitor firm being placed on the Advisory List is to be found in the Guidance document on the main Fees Collection page of this website - please click here.

While the Bar Council's List of Defaulting Solicitors and Other Authorised Person's is a useful tool to ascertain if an instructing solicitor could be deemed an unacceptable credit risk, it is also advisable to review the list in conjunction with other credit checks to ascertain the credit worthiness of the instructing solicitor.

Please click here to view the List of Defaulting Solicitors and Other Authorised Person's

Please find below links to external websites which may be of assistance when carrying out credit check functions:

  • Law Society - find a solicitor search
  • Trust Online (part of Registry Trust Ltd) - a not for profit organisation which facilitates searches against businesses or individuals to ascertain if County Court Judgement's have been registered against them. A fee is payable for this service.
  • The Insolvency Service - a search function on this website provides information to ascertain if an individual is subject to; bankruptcy, Individual voluntary arrangement or debt relief order.
  • Companies House - company information can be viewed and further company documents are available for a fee. 
  • The following Bar Council links are provided to assist with the avoidance of an unpaid fees situation.

BARCO - a third party company, owned and operated by the Bar Council, which manages the funds required to facilitate on-going legal services provided by lawyers in England and Wales.

Ethical Enquiries Service - this service can provide advice and assistance with regard to professional obligations under the BSB Handbook.