About the awards

This year we will be presenting awards for high quality legal advice and an outstanding contribution by employed barristers to the work of their organisations in a range of sectors. We will also be presenting awards to the best practitioners from across the whole employed bar for Legal Team of the Year, and the ceremony will conclude with a presentation to the overall winner of Employed Barrister of the Year.

Three nominees will be shortlisted for each award category. Awards will be judged by senior members of the profession and judiciary.

Awards categories 

  1. Outstanding Employed Barrister in the Public Sector
  2. Outstanding Employed Barrister in a Law Firm
  3. Outstanding Employed Barrister in Commerce, Finance or Industry
  4. Outstanding Employed Barrister in an NGO
  5. Outstanding Employed Barrister in the Armed Forces
  6. Outstanding Employed Barrister in Sports
  7. Legal Team of the Year
  8. Employed Barrister of the Year


The awards timeline

3 February 2020          Nominations open

15 March 2020             Nominations close

We are currently reviewing options on how to run the 2020 Employed Bar Awards given the ongoing impact of Covid-19. We will keep you up to date on any decisions made as the situation evolves. Thank you to all those who submitted applications and nominated an employed barrister for one of the awards, you will be receiving a confirmation email shortly. If you have nominated an employed barrister for these awards and are yet to receive confirmation by 03 April 2020, or have any queries, please get in touch by emailing EBC@barcouncil.org.uk.


Thank you for your patience.

Sponsorship opportunities

To discuss how you can become a partner of the Bar Council's Employed Bar Awards 2020, contact the Bar Council’s Head of Services Carolyn Entwistle.


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