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The Honourable Society of Gray's Inn 

Sponsoring Legal Team of the Year

The Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn is its Members. For more than six hundred years, Gray’s has been home to a community of extraordinary individuals and the Inn exists to support, educate and develop both its aspiring and practising barrister Members in accordance with its historic traditions. Our Members’ talent, dedication and bravery has shaped, and continues to shape, the evolution of the rule of law of England and Wales and around the World. With an active Membership of around five and a half thousand, including around three hundred student Members at any one time. Everything we do is designed to champion and nurture each individual’s unique talents and interests and to support them in their career at the Bar.

Gray’s Inn are firmly committed to supporting all our Members who practice, want to practice or who are curious about the many rich opportunities offered by the Employed Bar. Being a host and an awards sponsor for the 2024 Bar Council Awards is part of our ongoing commitment to this.

Inner Temple


The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple

Sponsoring Employed Barrister of the Year in the Public Sector

The Inner Temple’s global membership strengthens and promotes both the rule of law and a vibrant and diverse legal community. Led and shaped by the profession, for the profession, we are dedicated to attracting the best candidates and giving everyone, at every stage of their career, access to excellent education and training resources.

As increasing numbers of barristers enter employed practice, we have taken a leading role in supporting barristers who have moved, or are looking to move, away from traditional self-employed practice. The Inner Temple is committed to supporting members of the Inn at the Employed Bar, to celebrating their achievements, and to highlighting alternative career opportunities beyond the self-employed Bar. We are delighted to continue supporting the Bar Council’s Employed Bar Awards, showcasing the considerable and varied achievements of employed barristers.


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The Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn

Sponsoring Employed Barrister of the Year in Commerce, Finance or Industry

Our members are at the heart of Lincoln’s Inn and have been for over 600 years. The Inn is run by our members, and for our members. As a professional community in an ever-changing environment, we provide support and services to our members throughout their careers.

Inclusion and diversity underpin all that we do. They are central to the Inn’s vision to celebrate our history whilst reflecting the needs of the modern world. Twenty one percent of our practising members are employed or dual capacity practitioners. Greater engagement of employed barristers helps to improve the visibility of career opportunities to students and build stronger networks between employed and self-employed members, to mutual benefit.

Engagement of our employed members benefits the Inn as they offer skills and experience developed from working within an organisation, which complement those of self-employed members. Employed barristers offer a broader perspective on a wide range of issues such as diversity and inclusion, along with career progression. Those working within large organisations may in addition have valuable experience of areas such as leadership development, strategic planning and communications.

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Government Legal Department

Sponsoring Employed Barrister of the Year in a Law Firm

As the government’s principal legal advisers, the Government Legal Department’s (GLD) core purpose is to help the government to govern well within the rule of law.

GLD achieves this by providing legal advice on the development, design and implementation of government policies and decisions, drafting secondary legislation and working with Parliamentary Counsel on primary legislation, and representing the government in court.

Comprised of over 3,000 employees, 2,500 of which are lawyers, GLD is one of the biggest employers of barristers in the UK, offering a unique and varied career at the heart of government. GLD lawyers are based across 14 departments, and work also with executive agencies, public and arm’s length bodies. Colleagues can sit either in advisory or litigation roles, working on some of the biggest issues of the day.