Discrimination, bullying and harassment

Many incidents of bullying, harassment or discrimination at the Bar go unreported and unchallenged. We understand reluctance to report a distressing experience, but in order to tackle behaviours like racist or sexist comments, bullying or intimidating behaviours that impact on us, we need to know what happened, so that we can act. To address reluctance to come forward, the Bar Council is working with Spot, an online tool, to give the profession a secure, constructive process for dealing with unacceptable behaviours.

The Spot tool allows you to record and - if you wish - report these behaviours.

No matter how minor the incident, we need you to record it, report it and be confident you can remain anonymous and we will act.

Incidents can be recorded and/or reported through Spot.

If you have witnessed inappropriate behaviour, or someone has disclosed something to you, you can make a record yourself or encourage the individual concerned to make a record on Spot.

Alongside the Talk to Spot tool, the Bar Council will continue to provide confidential ethics and equality and diversity helplines, training and support for members and chambers, and research and guidance on all aspects of equality and diversity.