Bar Council training courses

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Advanced Equality and Diversity training 

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Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing training 

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Bar Council Annual Chambers Membership  

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Business Development

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Fair Recruitment and Selection training

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In-chambers & Bespoke training 

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Introduction to Equality & Diversity training

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Negotiation Skills for Barristers

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Litigation training 

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Managers Harassment training 

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Mediation training 

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Public Access for Clerks 

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Public Access training 

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Public Access Sharpener

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The Hidden GDPR Risks for Chambers - Recruitment, Pupillage and HR

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Wellness for Law - Mental Health Training for the Bar

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The Bar Council delivers cost-effective, high quality training directly to the Bar. Our team of professional trainers stay up to date with the latest policy developments and regularly feedback delegates' comments to the Bar Council.


Those who support the Bar Council's representative activity by paying the voluntary Bar Representation Fee (BRF) are entitled to a discount on all our courses.

*Selected training sessions are available as part of the Bar Council's Annual Chambers Membership package. Chambers membership gives you access to a range of training and support throughout the year, chosen to suit your needs.

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One style doesn't fit all, one location doesn't suit all

The Bar Council offers 'Open' courses and 'In-Chambers' courses for all training subjects. This means that if you're an individual wanting to attend a training course, you can find a location around England and Wales that will be convenient for you or if you have a group wishing to be trained, we will come to you on a day that suits you.

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If you have any questions regarding our training courses please contact 


T: +44 (0)20 7611 1329