Fair recruitment and selection training


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Fair Recruitment and Selection training has been developed to help members of chambers meet rC110 of the BSB Handbook. 

The Bar Standards Board requires under rC110 that you must take reasonable steps to ensure that in relation to your chambers:

  1. There is in force a written statement of policy on equality and diversity
  2. There is in force a written plan implementing that policy
  3. The following requirements are complied with:

Equality and Diversity Officer:

A - chambers have at least one Equality and Diversity Officer 


B - except in unforeseen and exceptional circumstances, the person with lead responsibility for any selection panel and at least one member of any selection panel (who may be the same person) has received recent and appropriate training in fair recruitment and selection processes, and

C - from July 2014, save in exceptional circumstances, every member of all selection panels must be trained in fair recruitment and selection processes or to have studied the Bar Council's "Fair Recruitment Guide". It is recommended that at least one panel member should attend an appropriate classroom course on the matter.

The course will cover:

  • The principles of fair selection
  • Avoiding bias in selection
  • Developing and applying selection criteria consistently through the selection process
  • Short listing techniques
  • How to develop reliable and valid work sample tests
  • Competency based interview techniques
  • Evaluation and making selection decisions, and
  • Opportunities to practise short listing and interview skills.

The Bar Council's Fair Recruitment Guide can be found here.

Course Calendar and bookings

This course lasts four hours and carries 4 CPD Hours.  A variety of times, both during the day and evenings, have been arranged to suit busy schedules.

Day Date Time Location 
Wednesday 30 January 2019 10.00- 14.00 The Bar Council, London

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Please ensure you have read and agreed to the training  Terms and Conditions before booking.


  • £160 (plus VAT) for clerks/chambers staff and for members of the Bar who have paid the Bar Representation Fee (BRF)*
  • £200 (plus VAT) for those who have not paid the Bar Representation Fee

*To find out whether you have paid your BRF, please contact Training and Events

In-chambers courses

One style doesn't fit all, one location doesn't suit all.

If your chambers has a number of delegates wishing to be trained in Fair Recruitment and Selection Training, we can arrange the trainer to come to you.

This can be arranged at any chambers around England and Wales, on any day of the week.

The class can be between 10 -18 people at a reduced rate at a time to suit you.

Contact Training and Events for more information, pricing or to book an in-chambers course.

Please ensure your read the  terms and conditions before booking an in-chambers course.