Foundation Mediation Training for Barristers

Foundation Mediation Training for Barristers

5-day course | 40 hours


The course structure is the required Civil Mediation Council (CMC) and CIArb-recognised five-day/40-hour mix of practical workshops, interactive teaching, and practical case studies in which course members will take various addictive roles.  They will include those of mediator on at least three occasions, as well as observing and advocacy.  There is stimulating and demanding reading, reflection, and development to be done in what feedback describes as one of the finest, immersive and compelling training courses professionals have encountered.  It follows the structure set out in the best-selling course textbook "Practical Mediation" (published November 2017 - available on Amazon).

The standard pattern for the week is:

Day One:

AM: Practical lectures, interactive teaching and ethics

PM: Demonstration, practical skills, and case studies

Homework: Two hours reading, preparation, and reflective analysis

Day Two:

AM: Practical lectures, ethics, POCA and case studies

PM: Practical skills, body language, case studies

Homework: Two hours reading, preparation, and reflective analysis

Day Three:

AM:  Practical lectures, fraud, violence, and case studies

PM:  Practical skills, contractual issues, crime, case studies

Homework: Two hours reading, preparation, and reflective analysis

Day Four:

AM: Final skills practical, assessment briefs, assessed mediations

PM: Assessed mediations, examination brief, consolidation

Evening: Two hours of open book course examination

Day Five:

AM: Examination debrief, assessed mediations

PM: The next steps - working as a mediator, personal debriefs, awards

Successful completion of this course will provide the course member with:

  • The ability safely to conduct a civil and commercial mediation
  • A full toolkit of mediation skills recognised internationally
  • Higher-level negotiation skills, knowledge, and insights
  • The opportunity to practice these skills under close coaching
  • Full Foundation Training ahead of any later specialisation
  • Access to long-term mentoring and ethical guidance/support
  • Certification as a Society of Mediators recognised mediator
  • Accreditation as a Civil Mediation Council civil and commercial mediator
  • Recognition by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
  • Recognition by the Bar Council as having passed its approved course
  • Personal feedback and development advice from skilled course tutors
  • 40 hours of relevant CPD

Assessment and Examination

As the Foundation Course is the pathway to accreditation and is also recognised by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, every delegate will be assessed and examined. The open-book examination is independently marked.  Barristers will also be subject to continual assessment, including a final assessment mediation undertaken by independent experienced assessors who have not taught on that course. 

In the event of the required standard not being met, barristers will be invited back for further work and assessment at no additional cost. Generally, at least 90% of barristers pass the course on the first occasion.  

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Dates 2019 Location 2019 Price Registration

 Monday 16 to Friday 20 December 2019





Non-BRF: £1,250 + VAT

BRF: £1,200 + VAT

*New Practitioner: £1,000 + VAT 

*Fully Booked* 

2020 Dates Location 2020 Prices  Registation 
Monday 20 - Friday 24 January  London

Non- BRF: £1,100 Plus VAT

BRF: £1,000 Plus VAT


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2020 Dates Location 2020 Prices Registation

Monday 10- 14 Friday

February 2020


Non- BRF: £1,200 Plus VAT

BRF: £1,100 Plus VAT

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*New practitioner rate applies to pupils and those in their first five years' of call

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Ongoing support

After the course, you will get help finding the three observations ("mediation pupillage") which is an essential part of preparing to practise as a mediator in CMC-recognised panels or in publicly funded work. You will also be provided with standard mediation agreements and sample complaints, and other policies which are normal part of mediation professional work. 

Importantly, you will also be able to access a bespoke confidential helpline and email service which allows you to consult an experienced mediator in the event of difficulties or ethical challenges.  You will also be introduced to the peer mentoring system designed to meet the CMC's future proposed standards.

Society of Mediators is one of many accredited providers for Mediation training. 

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