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The Public Access Rules are Rules C119 - C131 of the Code of Conduct in the  BSB Handbook.

The Bar Council have trained over 1,500 barristers, clerks and chambers employees in Public Access.

 Who is Public Access training for?

  • Any barrister who undertakes Public Access work. (Public Access training must be completed before any Public Access work is accepted.)
  • Barristers who would like to gain further skills, knowledge, and a deeper understanding required to undertake Public Access work from one of our highly respected trainers.

Barristers of fewer than three years' practising experience can undertake Public Access work if they complete Public Access training. They must also:

  • seek feedback from their public access clients on the service provided; and
  • maintain a log of public access cases they have dealt with, including any issues or problems that have arisen and make this log available, on request, to the BSB for review.

The Public Access scheme has been widened to include clients who might be entitled to Legal Aid.

Barristers who have completed the Public Access training can apply for an extension to their practising certificate in order to be able to conduct litigation

This means that, if Public Access barristers have the correct authorisation, their clients no longer have to act as a self-representing litigant or instruct a solicitor, should the case go to court.


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Key Learning Outcomes/CPD

13.5 CPD

The Public Access course meets the following key learning outcomes for your CPD plans

  • Legal knowledge and skills;
  • Practice management;
  • Working with clients and others; and
  • Ethics, professionalism and judgement.


 Course Dates




How to Book

Saturday and Sunday  26 and 27 January 2019  Bar Council, London

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Saturday and Sunday  23 and 24 February 2019 Bar Council, London

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Saturday and  Sunday 9 and 10 March 2019  Bar Council, London 

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Saturday and Sunday  23 and 24 March 2019  Bar Council, London 

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Saturday and Sunday  27 and 28 April 2019  Bar Council, London   Click here to book

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Course Prices

£390 + VAT for barristers' who pay the Bar Representation Fee

£440 + VAT for barristers' who do not pay the Bar Representation Fee

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  • The Public Access course is classroom based and takes place over 1.5 days.
  • Day one runs from 09:30-17:30 and day two runs from 09:30-13:45. 
  • Pre-course work and joining instructions are circulated one week before the course start date to confirmed delegates. Pre-course work is expected to take no more than 3.0 hours.

Terms and Conditions

Please ensure that you read the Terms and Conditions before committing to attend a course.