Soft Skills Development Course for Barristers

The Bar Council, London 

This full-day workshop has been developed for barristers following positive feedback from the four breakfast modules. The full-day workshop will train barristers on how to gain momentum to develop their practice further. This is particularly important at the present time, as disruption and competition are affecting and will continue to affect the Bar. By the end of the workshop you will:

  • Develop an approach to knowing what clients really want from their advisors
  • Become aware of everyday patterns and help you to implement change
  • Understand how to differentiate yourself and your relationship effectively
  • Acquire key principles to inform your approach to ensure maximum effectiveness
  • Understand a simple but powerful model that will enable you to be more effective in every influencing situation
  • Develop a greater awareness about your own influencing style
  • Be able to apply some simple techniques that the world's most effective influencers use unconsciously.
  • Have practical tips and ideas to create the right relationships
  • Know how highly effective work winners in a professional environment approach networking
  • Understand your own preferences in how you approach networking
  • Understand a simple process to maximise the effectiveness of your limited time

The workshop will be split into four modules:

1.     Making the best use of limited time

As a barrister, your personal and professional lives are crowded. What can you do to maximise the return on your limited discretionary time most effectively? How might you use your limited time to best grow your practice? We will draw on research into what naturally effective people do and think about how to apply this in your daily work.

2.     Effective Influencing Skills

Influencing is a key skill that is central to your work. We will detail the key principles of effective influencing including a technique that ensures you get your meetings and presentations off to the best start. You will learn how to adapt communications continually for maximum benefit in terms of influencing and persuasion.

3.     Building the right commercial client relationship to win businesses

You will consider the clients mind-set and priorities when selecting and working with a barrister. Covering practical approaches on how to create a positively differentiated commercial relationship that supports expanding your practice and builds your business over the longer term.

4.     Networking strategically

How should you approach building and leveraging your network for maximum effect so that it becomes a source of long-term referrals? You will learn techniques used by highly effective professional service work winners including the important difference between bridging and bonding and what to focus on during those initial conversations.

Training cost

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£490 plus VAT £580 plus VAT *Registration closed

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