International Legal and Professional Development Grant Programme

The International Legal and Professional Development Grant Programme allows barristers of seven years practice or less who are in employed or self-employed practice to apply for financial assistance to participate in international legal events of their choice, which contribute to their professional development.

Established by the International Committee of the Bar Council in 2009, the programme is supported by the Bar Council Scholarships Trust. The programme plays an important part of the Bar Council's international strategy, which aims to encourage more junior barristers to participate in activities which will give them an international perspective on legal issues and help them to thrive in an increasingly globalised legal market.

Grants of up to £2,500 can be applied for and applicants must be a fully qualified barrister, working in an employed or self-employed practice, and a member from one of the supporting Specialist Bar Associations or Circuits.

I am extremely grateful to the LCLCBA and the Bar Council for their generous sponsorship of me on this mission. I would simply not have been able to go had it not been for their support; it is a testament to Bar's continued ethos of altruism that such programmes still exist. 

Since 2009, we have awarded over 100 grants, which have helped junior barristers to participate in key international events and programmes in jurisdictions such as South Korea, Hong Kong, Brazil, Japan, France, Singapore, and the United States.

Queries should be directed to International team or call + (0)207 611 1321

Programme news

The application deadlines are Friday 12 February, Friday 10 June, Friday 21 October 2016.



This programme offers barrister members of participating SBAs who are of seven years' practice or less, fully qualified (i.e. post pupillage) and who are in employed or self-employed practice financial assistance to participate in international legal events and conferences of their choice. The event/conference needs to take place before the end of the calender year, and applicants need to demonstrate that participation will contribute to their professional development and legal practice.


The total cost of participating in such events (including travel, accommodation and registration fees), up to a maximum of £2,500. is shared equally between the applicant, their SBA and the Bar Council Scholarships Trust. The grant programme thereby funds up to two thirds of the cost of participating in an international legal event. The SBA/Circuit sponsors for 2016 are:

  • Commercial Bar Association (COMBAR)
  • Competition Law Association (CLA)
  • Criminal Bar Association (CBA)
  • Family Law Bar Association (FLBA)
  • Bar European Group (BEG)
  • Technology and Construction Bar Association (TECBAR)
  • Chancery Bar Association (ChBA)
  • London Common Law and Commercial Bar Association (LCLCBA)
  • Midland Chancery and Commercial Bar Association (MCCBA)
  • Northern Circuit (NC) 

How to apply

Please ensure that you read the guidance document carefully before submitting your application

The application form  and proposed budget must be submitted electronically and returned to your specialist bar association (SBA) representative and International team by the relevant application deadline.

Please complete the equality and diversity monitoring form electronically  and submit it to the international mailbox. Please note that this information is used for monitoring purposes only and will not be used as part of the selection process.