International Committee

Executive: Christian Wisskirchen

Chair: Steven Thompson QC – XXIV Old Buildings

Vice-Chair: David Josse QC – 5SAH

Vice-Chair: Hugh Mercer QC – Essex Court Chambers

Vice-Chair: Marion Smith QC – 39 Essex Chambers



Isabel Hitching QC - Crown Office Chambers

Pavlos Panayi QC – 7 Bedford Row

Jonathan Peacock QC – 11 New Square

Nicholas Johnson QC – Exchange Chambers

Adrian Berry – Garden Court Chambers

Brian Cahill – Merck Serono

Catherine Calder – Serjeants Inn (Joint Chief Executive)

Toby M Cadman - Guernica 37 International Justice Chambers

Sydney Chawatama – 1 Crown Office Row

Mehvish Chaudhry - Harcourt Chambers

Rupert D’Cruz – Littleton Chambers

Patrick Duffy – 23 Essex Street

Alex Haines – Outer Temple Chambers

Mina Heung - Whitestone Chambers

Tetyana Nesterchuk – Fountain Court Chambers

David O’Mahony – 7 Bedford Row

Simon Milnes - Twenty Essex Chambers

John McKendrick QC - Outer Temple Chambers

Andrew Moran QC - Serle Court

Francesca Perselli – Maitland Chambers

Oliver Phillips – Maitland Chambers

Frederico Singarajah – Hardwicke Chambers

Andrew Stevens – 4 Pump Court

Niranjan Venkatesan – One Essex Court

David Owusu-Yianoma - 12 Old Square Chambers

Luke Irons - Deputy Senior Clerk, Maitland Chambers


The Terms of Reference of the Committee are:

a. To promote the standing and the interests of the Bar internationally;

b. To support the rule of law internationally;

c. To keep abreast of international developments;

d. To inform and educate the Bar about international developments and opportunities;

e. To further the objectives above by cooperation between the Bar and legal professions abroad and by participation in the work of international legal associations and professional bodies;

f. To influence international legal developments;

g. To support the strategic aims of the Bar Council as published.


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