Take part in the Anglo-Dutch Exchange

After a successful trip to England and Wales in 2023, it’s the turn of the Netherlands to host.

During the visits, both groups trade knowledge, learning, culture and contacts to strengthen their practices and build new relationships. One of the great features of the exchange is that attendees are hosted by a lawyer in the jurisdiction they are visiting, meaning that they are truly immersed in the experience.

The dates for the 2024 Anglo-Dutch Exchange have been confirmed as 9-12 July. Submissions must be received by Friday 19 April.


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Discounts and further details

The Bar Council offers bursaries for barristers who are in Practising Certificate Fee (PCF) Income Bands 1 and 2.

  • PCF Band 1: £0 – £30,000
  • PCF Band 2 is £30,001 - £60,000

If selected, you will need to provide proof of income. Funding to cover travel and administrative costs will cover travel expenses and administrative costs, not day-to-day expenses. 

You must be under seven years’ practice to be eligible for the Anglo-Dutch Exchange.

The Bar of England and Wales is an outward-looking profession, and the Anglo-Dutch Exchange aims to build on the common principles of the two jurisdictions to advocate for access to justice and upholding the rule of law across Europe. The exchange has been running since 1966, with applications accepted from barristers of seven years’ practice and under.

If you have any questions about the Anglo-Dutch Exchange, please contact [email protected].

Past programmes

Find out more about the exchange from previous attendees and Counsel Magazine:

To say I am glad I applied is an understatement

Thomas E. Sherrington explains the benefits of attending the Anglo-Dutch Exchange 2022

I did not imagine that my career would take me overseas

Martha Smith-Higgins explains the benefits of attending the Anglo-Dutch Exchange 2022

I jumped at the chance to expand my knowledge

David J. M. Barr explains the benefits of attending the Anglo-Dutch Exchange 2022

In October 2022, the Anglo-Dutch Exchange took place for the first time since COVID-19. It involved a group of barristers from England and Wales visiting the Netherlands and being hosted by the Dutch Young Bars, to forge new partnerships and explore their legal culture.

Photo of 2022 Anglo-Dutch exchange attendees

Top row: David J.M. Barr, Goldsmith Chambers; Thorstein Eradus, DLA Piper; Emma Horner, 4 Stone Buildings; Rachel Mulder, of BarentsKrants; Martha Smith-Higgins, Apex Chambers, 

Bottom row: Stuart McMillan, Bar Council; Michael Harwood, Vice Chair Young Barristers’ Committee; Thomas Sherrington, St John’s Buildings; Meg Cochrane, 1 Essex Court; Pim van Grieken, Ten Holter Noordam advocaten; Lilian van der Harst, Hoens & Souren Advocaten; Michael Polak, Chair, Young Barristers’ Committee.