All representational work of the Bar Council is undertaken by committees, overseen by the General Management Committee.

General Management Committee

The senior representative committee of the Bar Council, providing oversight of policy matters affecting the Bar and to giving direction to other representative committees

Bar Representation Committee

Ensuring the success of our services, training and events

Education and Training Committee

Supporting professional development for working and aspiring barristers from all backgrounds

Employed Barristers' Committee

Supporting and representing employed barristers

Ethics Committee

Providing guidance on issues of professional conduct and ethics

Equality, Diversity and Social Mobility Committee

Supporting the Bar’s commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion

European Committee

Addressing legal and policy issues from European institutions

International Committee

Promoting the international standing and the interests of the Bar of England and Wales, and supporting the rule of law internationally

Law Reform Committee

Developing proposals for law reform

Legal Services Committee

Supporting the administration of justice

Pro Bono and Social Responsibility Committee

Promoting pro bono volunteering and socially responsible practices

Remuneration Committee

Advising on remuneration and taxation issues, including legal aid and barristers’ terms of work

Young Barristers' Committee

Promoting the interests of the Young Bar


Joint committees

The Bar Council shares two joint committees with the Bar Standards Board:

Audit Committee

Responsibility for our audit arrangements, risk management and systems of internal control

Finance Committee

Overseeing preparation of the entity’s accounts; annual budgets and expenditure; PCF proposals; banking and investment arrangements, and the application of financial controls