Constitution, Standing Orders and Structure


The Bar Council membership is made up of approximately 115 barristers who are elected or who represent the Inns, Circuits and other interest groups. The Bar Council meets about seven times a year. The Council elects its Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer. 

You can also view details of Bar Council meetings, including forthcoming dates and the minutes of past meetings, plus the Constitution and the Standing Orders for Committees of the Bar Council and the Standing Orders for Joint Committees.


Much of the Bar Council's work is co-ordinated and carried out by individual Committees, made up of both members of the Bar Council and co-opted individuals.



The Bar Council nominate Barristers to different appointments. Below is a list of the 2021 appointments.

Faisel Sadiq - ICLR Bar Council Representative

Melissa Coutinho -  ICLR Bar Council Representative

Gavin Mansfield QC - Access to Justice Foundation Trustee

Alison Padfield QC - FRU Trustee

Rachel Langdale QC - QCA Selection Panel Barrister Member

Benjamin Wood - ICBET Trustee

Nicholas Vineall QC - ICBET Trustee

William East - ICBET Trustee

Kiril Waite - ICBET Trustee

Robin Allen QC - QCA Complaints Committee Senior Member

Greville Healey - Land Registration Rule Committee Member

Richard Jones QC - IFoA Disciplinary Appointments Chair

Nicholas Bacon QC - Civil Justice Council Costs Committee

Andrew Walker QC - QCA Selection Panel

Nkumbe Ekaney QC - Judicial Appointments Commission Advisory Group

Kate Brunner QC - Attorney General’s Regional Panel Selection Board

Benjamin Aina QC - Attorney General’s Regional Panel Selection Board

Peter Joyce QC - Attorney General’s Regional Panel Selection Board

Andrew Skelly - Civil Justice Council Pre-Action Protocol Working Group