How the e-Mentoring Scheme works

The e-Mentoring scheme provides mentoring through an online portal which provides flexibility over communications.

All applications are processed online. The e-Mentoring scheme runs all year round.

We ask mentors and mentees to provide as much detail as possible in their application forms to ensure that we are able to match barrister mentors with their student mentees based on practice area and/ or life experience. The biography will appear on the user's profile page, which will act as the user's homepage.

Once matched, verification of the username and password will be sent to the mentor and mentee via email.

The online portal and communications are monitored by the Bar Council's Bar Mentoring Service to comply with safeguarding standards, to ensure the protection of student participants.

The e-Mentoring scheme has several features, which are:

  • Messages - This is the main feature of the website, where barrister mentors and their student mentees can communicate with one another in a convenient and safe environment;
  • Documents Platform - This will host a library of information to inform the mentor and mentee for the duration of the mentoring relationship. The library will include guidance on what the scheme entails, how to navigate the site, and CV building templates;
  • Forums - A safe space categorised by your status as a user i.e. mentor or mentee, where users can openly discuss and share their views on key issues affecting the legal profession, and academic or institutional changes;
  • News - A noticeboard for the Bar Mentoring Service to share profession-wide careers outreach initaitives, current affairs/ commercial awareness topics, and events worth noting e.g. Law Fairs;
  • Review - Periodic feedback forms for mentors and mentees to share their views on areas of improvement, and the successes and challenges of the mentoring relationship. 

Please Note: ALL communication with your mentor/mentee on this scheme is only via the e-Mentoring platform.