How Maternity Mentoring Works

Maternity Mentoring is based on 'spot mentoring': a mentor will share her (or his) experience in a particular matter in order to assist the mentee in dealing with a one-off or specific situation.

The Bar Mentoring Service has a pool of experienced barrister mentors who have taken a family career break, and have subsequently established or maintained a thriving practice.

The intention is to match interested mentees with a suitable mentor from the pool of volunteers.

The Bar Council's Bar Mentoring Service will process all applications, and match the mentees with the mentors. 

Further information about the administrative process can be found in the Guidance document. For further information about Maternity Mentoring, please contact the Bar Mentoring Service via email on

"I wish there had been a dedicated Maternity Mentoring Scheme available when I took Maternity Leave.  I found the experience of having children cut me off from the Bar and returning after having a baby made me anxious and stressed.  I didn't know how I would feel or how I would cope and I decided to pretend that nothing had changed.  I continued working all hours and travelling around the country from court to court, expressing breast milk in toilets, organising last minute childcare and worrying about failing as a mother as well as a barrister. 

I wholeheartedly support the Bar's new Maternity Mentoring Scheme.  Women at the Bar need this support at a time when they are torn between their career and having a baby.  They need to know that they are not alone, that they can maintain a career and a family if that is what they want and that the world will not end if a child develops chicken pox on the morning of an important hearing."

Tana Adkin - barrister, Charter Chambers (, and member of the Bar Council's Equality, Diversity, and Social Mobility Retention Panel.