How the Silk and Judicial Appointments service works

Mentor Process

Silks and Judges can volunteer to become a mentor. 

Volunteer mentors (who meet the mentor  eligibility criteria) are required to complete a mentor application form and return it to the Bar Council

Once a mentor's application has been reviewed and is successful, their details (including a short biography) will be published online.

For further details of the process, please read the guidance document

Mentee Process

Those interested in applying to become a mentee (who meet the mentee eligibility criteria) are required to complete a mentee application form. Mentees are provided with an opportunity to indicate who they would like as a mentor from the  list of SIlks and Judges who are marked as  available. 

A Bar Mentoring Service representative will pair you with your preferred mentor, if feasible. 

The mentor and mentee will be provided with biographical information submitted as part of the application process, and with relevant contact details and guidance on getting the most out of the mentoring relationship. 

Periodically, the Bar Mentoring Service will contact both the mentor and mentee to ensure the mentoring relaionship is progressing. 

Please Note:  The Bar Council aims to match you to the mentor requested but this may not always be possible due to availability. For further details on the mentoring scheme, please read the guidance document.