HHJ Avik Mukherjee

Primary Court: Birmigham Crown Court

Areas of Practice: Crime

Year of Call: 1990

Year of Judicial Appointment: 2015

HHJ Avik Mukherjee comes from a modest background. Both his parents were immigrants, who came to the UK in the early 1960s. He had a very good comprehensive (state) school education in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, and later attended Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham (now Nottingham Trent University) where he graduated with a LLB (Hons) degree.

At that stage, HHJ Mukherjee had no connections in the legal profession and, in particular, at the Bar. He had to make his own way through hard work, determination and cultivating a good practice and solid connections. He presented himself to 1 High Pavement Chambers, Nottingham as someone with youthful enthusiasm and the energy to succeed. He established himself as a high quality, reliable and effective advocate. Prosecuting and defending throughout his career has helped make him balanced and objective.

HHJ Mukherjee  spent 25 years at the Criminal Bar before being appointed to the Circuit Bench, becoming Chambers' first home grown Recorder after making his second application for Recordership. He was appointed to the Circuit Bench in 2015, after a third attempt at applying for the post. Prior to his successful application, he sought feedback on how to enhance his professional experience, his future applications, and to eventually present himself as an applicant that the JAC could not ignore. 

HHJ Mukherjee has mentored students from Nottingham Trent University and Derby University, as a member of the Bar, as a Recorder, and now as a Circuit Judge. He was recently appointed as a Diversity and Community Relations Judge. He has been a Pupil Supervisor within Chambers, so can understand what is required to nurture, direct and train young members of the Bar. He was the Head of the Pupillage Committee, and a member of Chambers' Recruitment Committee. He became a Judicial Mentor via the Judicial Office Mentoring Service, having received the appropriate training, and is an approved ATC Advocacy Trainer for the Midland Circuit and for the Inns of Court School of Law. 

There is nothing out of the ordinary about HHJ Mukherjee; he is a hard worker, who decided from a young age what he wanted to do, namely to become a barrister. He had no thoughts at that stage of being a judge, but when he started sitting as a Recorder, he realised that it was something he really wanted to do and was good enough to do it. HHJ Mukherjee is very keen to send the message out that if you work hard enough and want something badly enough, you can achieve your goal no matter what obstacles are put in your path. He has a great deal of professional and personal experience that he can offer to applicants for a judicial post, and welcomes the opportunity to mentor on the scheme.