Nicholas Easterman

Primary Court: Hatton Cross Tribunal Centre, Feltham, Middlesex

Areas of Practice: Immigration and Deputy District Judge for Crime

Year of Call: 1975

Year of Judicial Appointment: 1996 - Deputy District Judge for Crime, 2003 - Immigration Tribunal Judge

Nicholas Easterman was called the Bar in 1975.  At the bar he had a general criminal practice, prosecuting the Yard Solicitors and then the CPS.  He practised almost exclusively in crime.

Easterman was appointed Acting Stipendiary Magistrate in 1996, and became a Deputy District Judge (Magistrates' Court) Crime, when the Stipendiary Magistrates became District Judges.  

Easterman became an Immigration Adjudicator in the 2002/3 intake (March 2003), knowing nothing of Immigration Law, on the understanding that there would be training, which there was.

Easterman has been a Bencher of Lincoln's Inn since 1998. He has been heavily involved in Lincoln's Inn since the early 80s, particularly in assisting students, and ran the sponsorship scheme for a many years. He became a grade A Advocacy tutor for Crime, although since the demand from students to become criminal practitioners has decreased, he has ceased to do so for some years.