Developed by members of the Bar Council's Equality, Diversity and Social Mobility (EDSM) Committee and Retention Panel, this training course will give you a summary of your legal and regulatory duties relating to Sexual Harassment. The course will also raise your awareness of sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour through a series of practical case studies drawn from real scenarios drawn from across the profession. 

Who should attend?

  • EDOs, Heads of Chambers and others in chambers (barristers or staff) who have management responsibilities
  • Advisors on the BSB waiver scheme

There are no current dates confirmed for this course, but new dates will be announced soon.


Supplementary training:

Tackling Sexual Harassment & Inappropriate Behaviour (for Responsible Officers)

Designed for professionals who have already completed Tackling Sexual Harassment and Inappropriate Behaviour training, this supplementary course will ensure your compliance with the Code of Conduct's requirements on equality and diversity and dealing with harassment. It is also designed as training for anyone taking part in the BSB Harassment Support Scheme for waiver of the duty to report.

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