Recently, the YBC has been involved with a wide range of issues including training and education, social mobility, equality and diversity initiatives, wellbeing initiatives, pay for the publicly funded bar, Brexit and court reform. Our work includes policy, training, events and participation in consultations and reform programmes. In particular:

Since 2018, the YBC has been heavily involved in the criminal fee reviews for prosecution and defence fees. We have represented the young bar, including in negotiations with key stakeholders and the Government.

The YBC holds an annual workshop, focusing on practical tips for young barristers. This year’s workshop included plenary sessions and sector-specific breakout sessions in crime, family and civil law, all of which were well received. The plenary sessions focused on two key areas for the young bar: working well with clerks and practice managers, and wellbeing. The YBC is keen to promote healthy working, and will continue to raise awareness of the challenges and also of the help available to those at the Bar. We are very grateful to senior practitioners for their assistance with this and our other work.

International events – in 2018, the YBC organised and hosted a delegation of Dutch lawyers for the 50th anniversary of the Anglo Dutch Exchange. We continue to be involved in international exchanges and events, including co-organising International Weekend, an annual conference.

Representing the young bar is a privilege and a pleasure. We are always keen to hear from young practitioners who would like to join the YBC, or with ideas as to how we can better represent your interests. Please get in touch.

Athena Markides
Chair of the Young Barristers' Committee 2019