Support for the Young Bar

The Young Bar is the future of the profession. It is essential that the experience of new practitioners and pupils is properly understood, and that young barristers’ voices are heard and acted upon. Experiences in the first 7 years at the Bar shape a barrister’s career and their view of the profession. Without support or supervision, it can be hard to get on top of practical difficulties like how to market yourself in a new area of practice or how to manage finances. This page draws together support and resources available to young barristers. 


Starting at the Bar: your essential guide

Covers topics such as managing your finances, negotiating chambers and workplace politics, wellbeing, work allocation and managing your practice.

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Graphic of the Talk to Spot app - a barrister is reporting a harassment incident.

Talk to Spot

The Bar Council continues to focus on recording, reporting, and preventing all forms of inappropriate behaviour at work including sexual harassment. We have an anonymous reporting tool called Talk to Spot where barristers can log an incident.

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We want to ensure that young barristers everywhere are aware of where to get help, if it is needed. Below are some links to help you if you need assistance, whether it’s about your own wellbeing (or the wellbeing of colleagues), if you are being put under pressure or bullied by others to act in a certain way, or if you are facing financial hardship or the threat of potential wasted costs applications.

Benefits, opportunities and resources

Building and managing your practice A-Z

This toolkit covers some of the most common queries asked about developing your practice at the young Bar and is divided into two sections.

Financial affairs accounting and tax A-Z

This toolkit is designed for barristers, including pupils, in the early years of practice.


Mentoring schemes for all stages of Bar careers

Offers and discounts

Offers and discounts from our partner organisations

Pre-application judicial education programme (PAJE)

Developed by the Judicial Diversity Forum to support groups under-represented in the judiciary

Professional users' court and tribunal access scheme

Reduce time passing through courts' security with an ID card and Pkpass.

Pro bono

Information about pro bono work for barristers considering it, and for members of the public who need pro bono legal support

Training and workshops

Training courses and practical CPD sessions

Wellbeing and career support

Wellbeing initiatives, helplines, mentoring, parental and personal support


Opportunities to join a Bar Council committee or external organisation as a representative of the Bar Council.

External resources

Inns of Court

Inns of Court

The Inns provide support for barristers and students through a range of educational activities, lunching and dining facilities, access to common rooms and gardens and the provision of various grants and scholarships. The Inns also have a role in administering disciplinary tribunals to deal with more serious complaints against barristers.



The Circuits provide important sources of support, advice and representation for barristers practising in those areas. They provide a range of services to the members in their respective geographical areas, maintain lines of communication with all parts of the legal system, including the courts, and are represented on the Bar Council through the Circuit Leaders. They liaise closely with the local court service, Crown Prosecution Service and other bodies as well as providing important training and social events for barristers.