General Management Committee


Samuel Townend KC

Vice Chair    

Barbara Mills KC


Lorinda Long


Samantha Singer
Co-Chair, Pro Bono & Social Responsibility Committee

Laurie Scher
Co-Chair, Pro Bono & Social Responsibility Committee

Tony Singla KC
Co-Chair, Bar Representation Committee

William Dean
Co-Chair, Bar Representation Committee

Rachel Crasnow KC
Co-Chair, E&D & Social Mobility Committee

Elaine Banton    
Co-Chair, E&D & Social Mobility Committee

Jacob Hallam KC    
Co-Chair, Education & Training Committee

Fallon Alexis
Co-Chair, Education & Training Committee

Heidi Stonecliffe KC
Chair, Employed Barristers’ Committee

James Hines KC  
Co-Chair, Ethics Committee

Fenner Moeran KC    
Co-Chair, Ethics Committee

Celina Colquhoun    
Co-Chair, European Committee

Philip Moser KC    
Co-Chair, European Committee

Hugh Mercer KC   
Chair, International Committee

Eleena Misra KC
Chair, Law Reform Committee

Susan Grocott KC
Co-Chair, Legal Services Committee 

Philip Stott
Co-Chair, Legal Services Committee 

Sean O’Sullivan KC   
Co-Chair, Remuneration Committee

Richard Wright KC    
Co-Chair, Remuneration Committee

Amrit Dhanoa
Chair, Young Barristers’ Committee

Jaime Hamilton KC
Leader, Northern Circuit

Jason Pitter KC
Leader, North Eastern Circuit

Jo Martin KC
Leader, Western Circuit

Michelle Heeley KC     
Leader, Midland Circuit

Leon Kazakos KC
Leader, South Eastern Circuit

Caroline Rees KC 
Leader, Wales and Chester Circuit

Michael Bowsher
Leader, European Circuit

Tana Adkin KC
Chair, Criminal Bar Association

Alex Gunning KC
Chair, Commercial Bar Association

Andrew Twigger KC
Chair, Chancery Bar Association

James Roberts KC
Chair, Family Law Bar Association

Gaynor Wood
Chair, Bar Association for Commerce, Finance & Industry

Adam Baradon KC   
Chair, London Common Law & Commercial Bar Association

Malcolm Cree    
Chief Executive, Bar Council

On Invitation by the Chair

Emily Formby KC
Chair, Personal Injuries Bar Association

Geoff Carr
Chair, Institute of Barristers’ Clerks

Clare Bello      
Co-Chair, Legal Practice Management Association

Jemma Tagg
Co-Chair, Legal Practice Management Association

Mary Prior KC
Vice-Chair, of the Criminal Bar Association


The GMC is the senior representative committee of the Bar Council and, as such, has no powers or responsibilities in respect of the Bar Standards Board.

The Terms of Reference of the Committee are:

a. To formulate proposals for the Bar Council's strategy and priorities and to keep these under review;

b. To keep under review all matters of policy affecting the Bar with a view to submitting proposals to the Bar Council in relation to major issues and making representations to the BSB where the matter is regulatory in nature;

c. To advise the Finance Committee on budgetary requirements, and determine budgetary priorities within the parameters laid down in the Bar Council Finance Manual;

d. To hold the Executive to account for (i) the delivery of the Bar Council's strategy and priorities and (ii) effective overall management of the Bar Council's affairs;

e. To give direction to the representative committees and their executives on activities in fulfilment of Bar Council objectives and priorities, and hold them to account for effective and efficient delivery of business plans;

f. To keep under review and, where necessary, formulate proposals for the amendment of Standing Orders and the Bar Council's constitutional arrangements and all procedural matters affecting the Bar Council's business. In matters affecting the BSB, the GMC will consult the BSB before submitting proposals to the Council for approval.

g. To review and advise on the organisational risk register.


The following representative committees will report to the GMC:

a. Legal Services Committee;

b. Education and Training Committee;

c. Ethics Committee;

d. International Committee;

e. Employed Barristers' Committee; 

f. Remuneration Committee;

g. Equality, Diversity and Social Mobility Committee;

h. Law Reform Committee;

i. Young Barristers' Committee;

j. European Committee;

k. Bar Representation Committee;

l. Pro Bono and Social Responsibility Committee


General Management Committee Panels

Regulation Panel

Chair Barbara Mills KC

The Terms of Reference for the Panel:

  1. Respond to the Legal Services Board (LSB) consultation on its Draft strategy for legal services regulation and draft business plan 2021-22, due to be submitted by 5 February 2021;
  2. Respond to and influence the implementation of recommendations made by the Competition and Market Authority’s in its review of the impact of the transparency measures it implemented as a result of their 2016 Legal Services Market Study recommendations;
  3. Prepare for and respond to a planned review of the reserved legal activities by the LSB in 2021;
  4. Contribute to the next stage of the LSB’s Ongoing Competence project, in collaboration with the Training and Education Committee;
  5. Influence the development of quality indicators (both service and quality of legal advice) applicable to the Bar;
  6. Contribute as required to any consultations issued by the Bar Standards Board (BSB) in relation to its review of the BSB Handbook. This work will likely be led by the Ethics Committee;